Manuel Tersigni


Young, energetic, passionate, capricious. A few words to describe Chef Tersigni. Groomed with love for food since childhood at the side of his grandmother, he began his career at age 16 when he shared his time between hotel school and restaurant. 18 years old is the first important step: he decides to jump on level, to test, leave his home and his affections for new horizons. London is its destination. The City That Never Sleeps. Here he learns the most innovative techniques, working hard in some of the most elegant and busy restaurants. Here it is understood that the kitchen is an algorithm: every recipe provides for precise steps, every action has an explanation, knowledge and experience are fundamental.

However, cooking is a very tough school, it needs a fundamental element: passion. Passion to overcome obstacles, passion to open up their horizons, passion to discover new perspectives, passion to learn from every situation. After collaborating in London; Begins his career in Michelin star restaurants, tradition and love for her roots call him in Italy, here after an experience in Milan and Lake of Garda, arrives in Parma becoming in a short time sous chef of the Parizzi restaurant . He collaborates at the opening of a new project in Rome, a boutique restaurant with Chef Terrinoni, who in just eight months conquers a Michelín star....that in just 8 months reached one Michelin star. Patience is one of his main features but good opportunities always come when you make your best: so he moves to work for the Gstaad Palace Hotel in Switzerland and then he is called to be the sous chef for the Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Forte Village Resort.

Then Minsk was calling, and the best part of the history is yet to come...