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Falcone – life with pleasure

About the restaurant

10 years ago the restaurant of Italian cuisine, Falcone opened its doors to everyone who appreciates the harmony of taste and the beauty of delicious dishes. The word falcone is translated from the Italian language as “falcon” – a bird that strikes with its grace and nobility. Exclusive Italian cuisine, original interior and unique style of our restaurant are designed to give visitors the same unforgettable impressions which give a fascinating flight of the falcon.

All these years, professionals of culinary arts had been cooking the food, who honed their skills in their native Italy, and in different parts of Europe. On our first anniversary, we decided to surprise you with the authors’ approach to cooking classic dishes and unusual ideas of our chef which are reflected in the new menu. Not every Italian restaurant in Minsk is ready to offer you an unusual watermelon-tomato sorbet or black ravioli with lobster mousse!

Also, the Falcone restaurant presents to you its philosophy of healthy eating in the Healthy Menu, which our chef has developed for the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. The right combination of all the ingredients and preserving their nutritional and taste properties makes the dishes and drinks not only useful, but also unusually tasty.

We choose the best quality products and turn them into real works of art. Enjoy their taste in the best restaurant in Minsk!

falcone bar restaurant interior


Italian cuisine

Chef Michele Pais

 “I do what I love, and love what I do.”

The Italian island of Sardinia is a place that amazes not only with the beauty of nature, but also with the highest level of culinary art. Michele Pais, our talented chef, was born there. From a very young age, he had been discovering the secrets of astonishing Italian cuisine, and then received professional culinary education in native Sardinia.

Michele’s experience is truly impressive. He has been not only the chef patron of the Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in Italy, but also traveled a lot: studied the unique features of Grande cuisine in Belgium, France, Spain, UK and Germany, learned the recipes of the most original dishes from various corners of the USA and even got acquainted with the national cuisine of the United Arab Emirates.

Almost 20 years that Michele Pais spent in London gave him a chance to work side by side with professional chefs at elite Michelin star restaurants. Today he surprises gourmets of Minsk with his great skill, focusing on the high quality and the simplicity of seasonal products cooking with aromatic herbs and spices.

Meet the maestro and discover the brightest tastes of Italian cuisine in the Falcone restaurant!

Falcone chef Michele Pais